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The weather in Mallorca is generally excellent for playing golf.  On average there are around 300 sunny days a year, but more importantly the island averages 360 playable days a year, meaning that it's unusual to lose a day's play due to rain.

There are two main, or peak, seasons for golf in Mallorca. These are from March until June, and the months of September and October.

March - June

The later you arrive, the warmer the weather will be.  During these months you can expect some light showers, but if you book a week's holiday you should easily be able to get in at least 4 or 5 days of golf in the sun.

Hotel rooms in March are inexpensive, so this month tends to be popular with people looking to make their money stretch as far as possible.  Half board is generally the preferred option, as many of the resorts may have limited bars and restaurants open.

Unless Easter is early you will tend to find that this is when most of the bars and restaurants in the main holiday resorts open. The weather is drier and warmer in April, and is one of the busier months of the year for golf on the island.

May is the busiest month, and if you're planning to visit during the first couple of weeks in May, then you should consider booking your tee-times at least 9 to 12 months in advance.

July - August

For many people it's too hot to play golf In July and August, especially between midday and mid-afternoon, when temperatures are at their highest. Some golf courses have special offers during the summer, which may include discounts for early-morning or late afternoon rounds of golf, or even free buggies.

September - October

In early September many of the island's golf courses hollow core their greens, so please make sure that you check the latest hollow coring information on our website before making your booking.  This is still a great month for golf, with high temperatures, although there is the possibility of an occasional summer storm, which normally pass very quickly.

Some of the courses will be showing signs of sun damage, depending on how hot the summer has been, and the quality of the water used to irrigate the course.

November - February

This is actually one of the best times in the year to play golf!  The green fee and hotel prices are lower, and the courses will have benefitted from some lower temperatures, and natural irrigation (rain!).  

If you visit during these months, then don't plan to play golf everyday.  however,  you're likely to have some decent weather and, provided you tee-off before 13:30, enough daylight to complete 18 holes.

Something common all year around is that the weather in Mallorca is very localised, so if it's raining where you are, then there's a good chance that there's beautiful sunshine somewhere else on the island!