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An outstanding course. Head and shoulders above anything else on the island, indeed most courses.

Son Gual Customer Survey Results 2017

Overall Position:  1st

Customer Service Rating:  Excellent
Overall Experience:  Excellent

Speed of Play:  Very Good
Condition of Tee-Boxes:  Excellent
Condition of Fairways:  Excellent
Condition of Greens:  Excellent

Golf Son Gual Logo

'German businessman, Andreas Pamer, had the original dream behind Golf Son Gual, and German course designer, Thomas Himmel, realised it.

Golf Son Gual's 1st tee, perched at the highest point of the course, offers spectacular views.  Fifteen-minute starting intervals are set out to ensure there won’t be any waiting around on the tee, and this is just as well as there might be the occasional reload, with water playing a leading role on four of the first nine.

The two par-5's are both just about reachable, but the 4th will require a very precise fairway-wood approach, while at the 6th it is far too easy to get carried away and try to cut off too much from the tee. Nevertheless, it is good fun attempting it. As is the case from start to finish, most of the greens are cleverly angled to encourage good shot-making and there are generous, and beautifully manicured aprons, to allow the choice of a putt, rather than a forced one-dimensional succession of testing chips. With the 9th, a superb long par-3 over more water dealt with, half an hour is set aside for relaxing and generous tapas, and maybe even a beer. As halfway huts go, the clubhouse terrace is up there with the very best.

The back nine follows a similarly impressive theme, with intelligent routing offering a variety of choices for both tee shots and approaches. Par-5's and shortish par-4's tease and tempt, and the round gently builds up into a simmering crescendo. The 15th – take a note here of the size of the tee – is played out in front of a ‘palacio’, which dates back to World War One, and is now possibly the grandest building to house manure in the world. More water could easily be the undoing of plenty of medal and strokeplay rounds at 16 and 17 and the last, a par-5 that will only tempt the monsters and the clinically insane, is a fitting finish. A stream will catch anything hooked off the tee, and the same stretch of water will do likewise with anything pushed with the second or third (or even fourth!) shots. And if you think your problems are over once you have reached the green, then think again, as there is a real likelihood that your round will end up with three jabs. From one end to the other, this is a demanding closing hole.

A round at Son Gual will challenge anyone and satisfy everyone. It is easy enough to walk, with the next tee never too far away. And, as befits most memorable rounds, the clubhouse offers the perfect place to unwind and reminisce about the last few hours.'

Content provided by Mark Townsend, and originally published in Lady Golfer, 2008.

Factbox - Updated November 2017

  • Handicap Gentlemen: 28
  • Handicap Ladies: 36
  • Buggy Fee (18H): 40€
  • Buggy Fee (09H): 20€
  • Electric Trolley: 15€
  • Club Hire (Callaway): 30€
  • Club Hire (Titleist): 45€
  • Junior Rate (18H): 50€ - 75€
  • Junior Rate (09H): 30€ - 45€

Hollow Coring Dates

10 Jan 18 - 12 Jan 18 (Hollow coring - Only 9 holes open)
17 Jan 18 - 19 Jan 18 (Scarifying greens - Only 9 holes open)
17 Jul 18 - 31 Aug 18 (Hollow coring & top-dressing fairways)

Do I Need a Buggy?

The course is gently undulating and can be walked.  Buggies are allowed on the fairways, weather permitting.

Son Gual Golf Course


Finca Son Gual, Ma-15 Palma - Manacor, Km 11,5, 07199 Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain