Discover the "Easiest Swing in Golf". An introduction to the greatest philosophy in Golf Coaching today!

The "Easiest Swing in Golf" is also known as Positive Impact Golf.  It combines the simple philosophies of the early golfers, such as Harry Vardon and Ernest Jones, with the current science-based understanding that we humans don't learn well when teachers over-complicate their subject.

Our core beliefs revolve around the following quote;

“Michelangelo went to a block of marble and took away all that wasn’t David.”
— US PGA Coach - Fred Shoemaker


Seán Herron, our local golf coach in Mallorca, helps you to identify and get rid of debilitating techniques that are not apt for you and your body.

He also uses the insightful formula developed by Inner Game Coaching founder, Tim Gallwey:

P=p-i (Performance = Potential minus Interference).

Here is a short summary of the benefits of Seán's special ability to guide you to a more enjoyable game:

  • Developing a more relaxed, natural, & effective swing
  • Finding YOUR best swing unfettered by traditional rules
  • More cost effective and faster progress than with overly-technical teaching
  • More enjoyment, less fatigue and less frustration
  • Less strain on your body
  • Learning based on YOUR abilities and not on the way tour players perform

This is what one of our customer's recently said about Seán:

 Sean Herron

Sean Herron

For more information, visit Seán's website:

"You suggested I try Seán whom you said 'had got good results' with a caveat about the cost.

Well, I can say he is worth every penny! In six hours over 2 sessions including 2 hours on the course my swing has been simplified and I KNOW I will improve rapidly. I shot a 93 at Alcanada after the last session with Seán when in 4 previous attempts; managed 100 at best!

There lies a simple truth at the heart of the positive impact golf technique that allows the golfer to relax and have fun! For older golfers like me it is a boon."

Please click on the links below for further information about each of the workshops Seán is currently offering:

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This film is taken soon after completing my training as an Easiest Swing in Golf coach.