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In developing the Easiest Swing in Golf over the last 50 years these two beliefs are at the core of my philosophy:

1. Golf teaching has become too complicated, over-technical and elitist and, in so doing, has distanced itself from the average player.

2. Women and men aged over 50 have been largely ignored by the golf industry, especially the teaching fraternity.

Our ambition is to make significant progress in these two areas and, whilst the Easiest Swing is applicable to golfers of all ages and all levels and touches every aspect of the game, including those who have, or are recovering from, injuries or disabilities.

Welcome to the world of the Easiest Swing where coaching replaces teaching and we focus on helping you, the player, find your best swing and a more body-friendly way of enjoying the game.

Sean Herron

Sean Herron

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The benefits of Easiest Swing in Golf

  • Find YOUR best swing unfettered by traditional rules

  • Less strain on your body

  • More enjoyment, less fatigue and less frustration

  • Play golf until an older age

  • Improved consistency and accuracy

Enjoy your journey!

"You suggested I try Seán whom you said 'had got good results' with a caveat about the cost.

Well, I can say he is worth every penny! In six hours over 2 sessions including 2 hours on the course my swing has been simplified and I KNOW I will improve rapidly. I shot a 93 at Alcanada after the last session with Seán when in 4 previous attempts; managed 100 at best!

There lies a simple truth at the heart of the Easiest Swing philosophy that allows the golfer to relax and have fun! For older golfers like me it is a boon."

Please email Seán for further information about each of the workshops he is currently offering:

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