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Palma Restaurants

Simply Fosh

+34 971 720 114

The new SIMPLY FOSH Restaurant in Palma has quickly become the city's top dining destination.

As you can guess from the name, the restaurant will offer a more casual, stripped down and pocket friendly version of Marc Fosh's extraordinary Mediterranean Cuisine.

Simply Fosh is housed in the stylish Refectori of the 17th century Hotel Convent de la Missió in the old town of Palma with a modern interior of black-and-white, pale wood floors, and a cascading wall of water.

Tapa Negra

+34 971 286 929

Tapa Negra is located on the Paseo Marítimo.  Their friendly staff offer a tantalising selection of the best tapas dishes typical to mainland Spain.

BLD - El Museo

+34 971 908 199

Fresh and modern cuisine on one of Mallorca's finest terraces, overlooking the bay of Palma.


+34 971 711 540

Samovar is a curious restaurant which offers a bakery, tea-room as well as a good selection of Mallorcan inspired cuisine using fresh market produce.

Mangia Fuoco

+34 971 451 072

Bringing the best of Italian (Tuscan) food to the Santa Catalina area of Palma de Mallorca.

La Baranda

+34 971 454 525

Authentic Italian cooking from La Baranda's wood fired oven include quality cuts of meat, fresh fish and a wide variety of seasonal produce.

Ca'n Pelut

+34 971 732 600

Italian restaurant, serving seafood & meat dishes, plus a range of pastas and pizzas.  They also offer a number of differently priced group menus.

La Boveda

+34 971 714 863

One of Mallorca's best tapas bars for food and atmosphere serves cuisine that could be best described as Basque-Castilian.  Typical tapas such as scrambled eggs with mushrooms, mussels, spicy Spanish chorizo, dates wrapped in bacon, and prawns with garlic are in abundance.  Traditional dishes, such as pa amb oli (bread with oil), and a long list of other meals and snacks complete the menu at this excellent restaurant.

Cellar Sa Premsa

+34 971 723 529

Mallorcan cuisine at it's best!  Gutsy meat dishes or simple grilled seafood, this restaurant has it all.  This former wine cellar, adorned with bull fighting posters, gives everyone that visits a unique snapshot of the flavours and atmosphere of Spain.

Arrocería Sa Cranca

+34 971 737 447

Located on Palma's harbourfront road this restaurant is known for its wide selection of paellas.  However, they also offer a set menu and a wide range of fish, shellfish and meat dishes reflecting various regional styles of Spanish cooking.


+34 971 736 806

This Indian restaurant offers a set tasting menu in two evening sittings, usually at 20:00 and 23:00, featuring the best in Indian gastronomy. The restaurant is decorated with antiques and offers a unique and different dining experience from one that you might expect in the UK.

Ca'n Pinyol

+34 971 732 770

The Ca'n Pinyol restaurant was founded in October 1999 serving international cuisine, but as time went by its specialty became Cod! They prepare their very own dishes of cod, with sobrasada and honey; with crystallized apple cake, plus many more.

Restaurante Bruselas

+34 971 710 954

This barbeque grill steak restaurant specialises in Argentinean meat from cows fed on natural pasture and privately imported.

Garage Rex

+34 871 948 947


Based in a former car workshop Garage Rex is a different restaurants where they combine traditional cuisine with Mediterranean cooking, accompanied by a wide variety of wines and the best beats of the moment!

Caballito de Mar

+34 971 721 074


A family owned restaurant, serving international cuisine, of the highest standard, in which fish and shellfish are predominant.

MISA Braseria + Bar

+34 971 595 301

Misa Braseria + bar is a Mediterranean brasserie with a modern-rustic feel and a lively, bustling atmosphere. The MISA kitchen produces exciting cuisine with intense flavours and Mediterranean influences. Dishes range from Catalan Style Fish Soup with monkfish & Mussels to Slow cooked Fillet of beef baked in hay & Mountain herbs to Classic Chocolate Marquise.